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A speech sound disorder involves difficulties in articulating specific types of sounds. Articulation disorders can involve substitution of one sound for another (wabbit for rabbit), slurring of speech, or indistinct speech (mumbling).



Therapists at Shore Therapy Group are trained in Lee Silverman Voice Therapy and SPEAKOUT!  Both programs have shown excellent results in increasing the intensity of speech with people who have Parkinson Disease. Voice therapy also addresses safe vocal use and decreasing habits associated with voice disorders.



Receptive Language is the ability to understand what is said to you or what you read. Expressive Language is your ability to communicate your thoughts via words, sentences, gestures or writing.



Cognition as it relates to communication is often impacted with diagnoses of Traumatic Brain Injury, dementia, or stroke (CVA). We work with individuals to target attention, memory, problem solving, executive function, and sequencing. 



This includes all phases of the swallow (pre-oral, oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal). Do you find yourself coughing when eating or drinking? Let us help you! With our specialized training, we work with you to determine and expand your least restrictive diet. 



Is your child a "picky eater"? Is every meal a fight? We can help! We utilize a sensory-based approach to help expand your child's list of accepted foods.  We work with your family to determine what foods are important within your unique family system and teach you how to help expand your child's diet between sessions. 


Social Skills

These are skills that facilitate interaction and communication with others. Shore Therapy Group provides a safe environment for children and adults to target these skills. Following appropriate use of these skills in a structured environment, we move sessions into the community to promote carryover of skills. 


Executive Functioning

These skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully.



Our therapists are trained in Wilson Reading Systems and the Syllables Approach to reading. Each method uses explicit teaching in a systematic manner to teach the rules of reading and spelling.

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